Integrated Smart Solutions

Luxury Redefined

Get To Know Us.

The house of leading edge and futuristic smart solutions that would place you ahead of your time. Encompassing all the revolutionary solutions for residential, commercial and entertainment applications makes ISS the precise source to employ technology that adds smartness, convenience and efficiency to your luxurious properties and redefined lifestyle.

Our Mission.

Providing high-end smart solutions for property owners and technology driven personnel with deep understanding of personalized customer needs and an outstanding demonstration of our team’s know-how.

Dare to Differ.

Our primary focus is to redefine the old school concept of luxury and smart home automation. ISS Qatar’s outstanding solutions are empowered with the latest technology products and our experts’ keen “know how” techniques. We never assume a solution to be smart unless it is:

Easy to use

The furthest you would go to activate your dream house facilities is literally one fingertip away!


Not only are our products the trendiest, but they are also carefully tailored to meet your singular needs.

Easy to install

Who still discusses about the hassles of installation? We will upgrade your house and transfer it to a futuristic one within two visits only.


Imagine controlling every aspect of your home with one platform only. You are now truly the master of your own house!

Of Short Delivery Time

While you are day dreaming about your smarter home, we will be there making it happen before you even know it.

With an Extended Warranty

We guarantee the longest warranty in the market because for us, your sense of security is strictly a priority.

Live The Experience.

Imagine waking up gently to a slowly faded up music as the warm sun smoothly enters your house. You are about to prepare your warm cup of coffee and as you arrive to the kitchen, the latest news is already on… The coffee is over and it is time to leave. You now can get out of the door faster and tap “Away” to have the lights off… and when you are back in the afternoon and it is quality time with the family, you can put on a video game for your kids as your favorite playlist mesmerizes you while preparing your husband’s favorite meal.