Steel House: Strong, Reliable Wireless Network Breaks Through Steel and Concrete Structure

Steel House: Strong, Reliable Wireless Network Breaks Through Steel and Concrete Structure
Enterprise-grade wireless network ensures that every home control command travels unhindered throughout this smart steel house.

No matter how smart a home is, regardless of the intelligence of the products and systems installed inside it, if the wireless network in the house is shoddy, the smart home experience could be sub-par at best. When the owners of this 4,000-square foot steel-and-concrete home decided to integrate a variety of smart home technologies during home construction, they contacted a professional home systems integrator right away. It was a smart decision. The team at Digital Home Technologies, of Palatine, Ill., would be able to design and install a Wi-Fi networking system that could work around all the steel and concrete. There would be no dead spots, no signal drops, and no question of whether commands issued from a mobile device to lights, thermostats, A/V equipment and had been retrieved.

Wireless Network: Luxul Lays the Groundwork

An enterprise-grade Luxul Wi-Fi network handles the wireless communications; Digital Home Technologies also fished a high-speed low-voltage wire behind the walls to support a hardwired network. Together, the two networking solutions help this smart home function flawlessly for this busy family of four.

With the networking groundwork laid out and firmly in place, Digital Home Technologies loaded the house with smart home systems, including a Lutron lighting and shading system, Sonos music system tied to invisible DaVinci TDG ceiling speakers, and Ring video doorbells. The operation of these systems is unified under the aegis of a Universal Remote Control automation system and handheld remotes. A Lutron mobile app provides and extra layer of control from smartphones and tablets, and is used mainly for engaging special lighting scenes that were programmed into the Lutron system by Digital Home Technologies.

Synchronized with the Family Schedule

Most of the scenes were configured to coordinate with the family’s routines, such as morning, home, sunset, and good night. Other scenes accommodate certain activities, like movie, party, and chill. And what would a smart home be without some level of automation? Certain interior and exterior lights activate automatically based on the time of day.

Wi-Fi wasn’t the only piece of the technology installation affected by the steel and concrete. The unforgiving materials meant that the pros at Digital Home Technologies had to be diligent in their planning of the locations of TVs, speakers, and other equipment. Once the house was complete, it would be difficult if not impossible to sink a TV into a wall, so proper planning in the design phase was absolutely critical.

As unforgiving as steel and concrete can be, Digital Home Technologies and the homeowners were able to work together to meld a variety of smart technologies into a home design, creating an environment that’s convenient to control and appealing to the eye.

Source: Electronichouse