Home Automation

Light Control
Intelligent Lighting at the Touch of a Button
  • True Image Control
  • User Friendly
  • Luxurious Appeal
  • Extended Warranty

Smart Distinction to Any Living Space
  • Shade Control at your fingertips
  • Creation of Your Beloved Privacy Scene
  • Intelligent Curtain Connectivity
Feel Mesmerized with Your House’s Rhythms
  • Simultaneous Playing of Playlist with Different Volumes
  • Audio Control from One Home Automation Application
  • Creation of an Enjoyable Atmosphere for Guests

Indulge in Your Favorite Channel Smartly, For a Change

Ultimate Convenience achieved through TV, Media Source Channel Selection and Volume Control from a single application.

Watch What Matters Simultaneously!
  • Connectivity of all screens and customized video distribution
  • Screen splitting and Simultaneous Access to Your Favorite Channels, Intercom and Apple PC at Once.
AC Control
Don’t Dream of a Comfortable Atmosphere, Create it!

Adjustment and Automatic Scheduling of your Air Condition before arriving to your home.

Luxury Redefined is Luxury Protected
  • Providing Ultimate Security to Your Beloved Ones
  • Granting/Denying CCTV Access from One Home Automation Application
AC Control
Self-Pampering Is a Personal Decision
  • Scheduling a Personalized System to Adjust to Your Daily Routine as You Raise Your Shades Upon Waking Up
  • Set Your Choice of Room Temperature and Mesmerize to Your Favorite Tunes
  • Giving Different Users Predefined Access for Specific Services On the Same Home Automation
  • Controlling All Services with One Master ipad

Home Theater

Our Promise
We Promise the Drastic Transformation of Concrete Areas into Complete Home Cinema Models
What We Cover
  • Consultancy
  • Home Theater Concept Discussion | Classic | Modern | Broadway
  • Design | Audio System | Lighting | Interior | Acoustic | Insulations
  • Implementation & Calibration
Cinema Grade Audio Systems
Our Promise
We guarantee you feel every single sound effect in the movie and indulge in every detail the movie makers created to make you relive the story with them.
What We Cover
  • Understanding client requirement and application
  • Recommending number and specifications of speakers along with their locations and angel of installation
  • Audio Design with all related necessary calculations and specifications
  • Installation and calibration
Cinema Grade Projectors
Our Promise
We want you to be INTO the movie. Therefore, we are proudly providing you with the indisputable KEY element that enhances your cinema experience.
What We Cover
  • Understanding client requirements and what content does the user usually watch
  • Recommendation of projector types
  • Recommendation on installation location and angels
  • Installation and calibration

Our Promise
We are placing the new Immersive sound technology that is taking the world by storm at your premises. We promise you an exceptional movie watching experience as if you are in the shooting plateau.
What We Cover
  • Design to cover all room corners and angels
  • Design & Recommendations for speakers’ specifications, locations, angels and all related calculations
  • Installation & Calibration of immersive sound processors and 3D sound speakers
Our Promise
We promise you a fully dedicated and undisturbed flow of movie sound only. We will isolate you from any possible intruding noise to magnify your hearing sensation with our successfully installed acoustics.
What We Cover
  • Design for sound insulation, absorption and diffusion
  • Specifying material to be used and installation instructions
  • Installation and testing
Our Promise
We are proud to represent “Paradise”; the Masters of Home Cinema Consultancy in Los Angeles. Therefore, it goes without saying that we specialize in Home Cinema Consultancy and highly aid you in the optimization of this particular investment, even if you decide to work with a company other than ours.
What We Cover
  • Concluding conceptual design all the way till issuing the construction packages
  • Guaranteeing that the approved design is implemented successfully to optimize project results

Media Rooms

We are creating the bond all technology fans had not taken into consideration.
The family now can spend more time together with our advanced video tiling, music and game facilities.
If you are a gaming addict, we guarantee you will remain one.
Our solutions turn your gaming experience into a more enjoyable and challenging one, not only for you but also to your friends. Watch them come to your place to check out your “out-of-luck victories”, and you will be glad to prove them wrong!
Relax, chill and enjoy your beloved ones’ company like there’s no tomorrow, while refreshing and recharging your energy for the coming week.
You’ve worked hard to turn your house into a futuristic one. Now it’s time to show the power of controlling your climate and ambience to your friends. High- Power Audio is the heart of any party, let alone a house party where some of your friends are dancing their heart out to the beat while others are enjoying billiards or watching a soccer game.

Retrofit Solutions

Lighting & Curtain Control

Too Late To Automate!


Visits To Automate Your Home

Say No

To Wires, Wall Breaking And Hassle

Wireless Keypad for smart home automation services
Wireless Keypads

Landscape Audio

Since Outdoor Audio is a challenging project resulting from several external factors such as ups and downs in the ground, obstructions in transferring of sound waves etc., it’s strictly important to have experts specialized in designing an efficient landscape audio to ensure an evenly distributed sound system throughout the chosen landscape.

Whether you wish to relax while having your morning coffee or want to throw a powerful party at your garden, we can provide you with smartly designed speakers that are barely seen, in a way that they won’t even distort the beauty of your garden. Just decide upon the mood you want to be in and we will enhance your outdoor experience accordingly with our high tech customized audio systems. Note that our speakers come manufactured to resist water and all weather conditions. They also last the longest thanks to their extended warranty.

Corporate & Retail Automation


Impressing your guests with smooth and productive presentations is a corporate must, specially that first impressions last long in business. Do not underestimate the impact of your meeting room for it is your business fascia and the place where you seal your deals.

Video Walls

You can now have a video wall to display your reference projects, upcoming news or simply to leave impressive or entertaining images in your guests’ minds. You may display one or multiple images, depending on how and what for you wish to use the figures.

Public Address Systems

Distribute your audio system to create a soothing and comfortable ambience for your visitors, customers and employees. Those systems can be used to play music and can also be connected it to the fire alarm panel if needed.

Control Solutions

This is the era to save energy and cut down your expenses and utility bills. The latter is now possible by having basic and affordable solutions to control your energy consumption by efficiently scheduling lights and AC to be turned on and off according to your working hours.

video wallsvideo wallsvideo wallsvideo walls
Video Solutions

Turn your lounge or restaurant to a sports lounge on week days and to a loud party-spirited one with cool visual effects on weekends. You can now achieve both with our flexible video solutions whereby your screen can be split into different tiles with different content, allowing clients to happily follow their favorite channels!

Audio Solutions

Audio Solutions are certainly the basic element in any hospitality outlet. This theory is true because such businesses revolve around selling an ambience. Consequently, the overall experience is what matters the most. Therefore, it goes without saying that the music you play, its clarity and its even distribution are vital aspects of the overall restaurant experience. So why note upgrade them and make clients come back for more?

Digital Signage

You can now create and announce your ads smartly, dynamically, in a catchy way and on a daily basis, without having to go through the hassle of the old school editing and printing routine. This is the era of error free ads and every detail can now be amended smoothly.

Audio/Video Solutions

Swing around different experiences with customized audio/video solutions. Turn your retail into a funky atmosphere during a certain season and into a calmer one during another. The even distribution and clarity of different music is a vital part of your outlet’s ambiance. Own it today and upgrade the overall experience for your customers with our advanced audio/video solutions.

Control Solutions

Save energy and cut down your expenses and utility bills at your outlets with user and budget friendly solutions. Don’t go through the hassle of uncontrolled AC usage for these solutions will have the ACs scheduled for you according to your working hours

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