HYANNIS, MASS. — September 7th, 2018

Savant, a leader in smart home technology, has announced embedded control and host processing technology into core devices, making system design and installation easier than ever before as well as allowing integrators to add the foundation for whole-home control into a wide variety of new project types. The Savant Host Inside initiative kicks off in Q4 2018 with Savant including their host technology inside of the new Savant IP Audio Soundbar and Savant Multistat.

IP Audio Soundbar with Host and Control

The recently unveiled Savant IP Soundbar is a high-performance powered soundbar designed to deliver features never before available to audio/video integrators. Engineered to dramatically improve the listening experience from a flat panel TV, the IP Soundbar is an AVB networked device fully compatible with Savant IP Audio, delivering access to all popular streaming services and requiring no outboard rack-mountable hardware for audio distribution.
To provide integrators with the most efficient entertainment and control solution possible, the new IP Audio Soundbar will be available not only with built-in control ports but also with all of the smart capabilities of Savant’s S2 Host, including a single stream of Savant Music. Integrators will have an all-in-one solution for audio and control included, making it perfect for single room solutions or for systems with up to six zones of audio and control. With this new smart soundbar, dealers no longer have to wire and locate a separate host and controller in order to provide the award-winning features of Savant to their clients, such as the elegant user experience and voice control capabilities consumers have come to expect from the Savant Pro Remote.

Multistat with Host

Savant will also be offering their control and automation platform running inside the Multistat, a touch screen multipurpose thermostat that is part of the Savant Climate solution. The Savant Multistat is a completely new approach to the residential thermostat, elegantly and discreetly placing control and automation functionality alongside climate settings in easy reach throughout the home. Now available as an option with the Savant Host Inside, the Multistat allows for up to six rooms of audio distribution, automation and control running off a single Multistat.
“Breaking through technology barriers and traditional system architecture is at the core of what Savant is delivering to enhance our custom integrators’ position in the market. Recent innovation across IP Audio, IP Video, lighting, climate and energy is setting the bar for the industry,” stated CEO Robert Madonna.
Savant’s new smart devices with Host Inside features will become available Q4, 2018.
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