HYANNIS, MASS. — December 20th, 2018

Savant, a leader in smart home technology, has announced the addition of high-resolution video tiling to their IP Video product line. IP Video Tiling is now built into Savant IP Video input and output modules (with video processing) and can be offered with no added costs or specialty equipment required.

Unmatched Features and Functionality

Integrators can now add video tiling to any IP Video system, allowing for viewing of multiple sources at the same time on a single display. Unlimited sources can be connected to Savant’s IP Video distribution system with tiling, only limited by the size of the network. All features are built in, enabling users to access and view any available source as a tile on any display within the IP video network. Savant’s IP Video Tiling is also easier to use than ever before, featuring a streamlined user experience for the Savant Pro 8 App that leverages the award-winning drag-and-drop gesture interface that adds new “favorite channel” icons for easier channel selection per source. The Savant Pro 8 App automatically detects the number of sources present and provides an array of predefined tiling layouts. Tiling presets can now be created, saved and added to Savant Scenes, enabling one-touch access to all favorite programming. For seamless compatibility with existing Savant systems, the tiling interface in the Savant Pro 8 App is backwards-compatible with the previous generation of chassis-based 1080p tiling solutions. Additionally, Savant’s TrueControl tiling interface is fully supported by the IP Video line.

Savant IP Video Delivers Unmatched Performance

Savant IP Video with advanced video tiling is the highest quality 4K UHD video distribution solution available today, delivering lossless 4K/60 4:4:4 video at zero frame latency with HDMI 2.0 support and an amazing user experience as well. There is no compression at any resolutions below 4K/60 4:4:4 and a ratio of only 1.4:1 at full 4K/60 4:4:4. Savant’s broadcast quality IP video solution works by transmitting video and audio data over standard 10Gb networks. Other non-IP 4K video distribution systems on the market only support 4K/60 4:2:2 or require extreme compression to fit over 1Gb, as much as 800:1, introducing video artifacts and jitter. The Savant IP video solution enables integrators to answer increased demand for cutting-edge high-definition video distribution with video tiling features at the highest levels of performance throughout luxury living spaces.

Educating the Industry

Educational initiatives, along with Savant’s newest DMX lighting products and award-winning TrueImage user experience are enabling integrators to envision a holistic smart solution for their clients and achieve success within the lighting category. Educating technology integrators on the opportunities and best practices in the lighting market is an important step toward being successful. As an example, Ann Schiffers, Senior Vice President of USAI Lighting has been educating integrators on the importance of quality lighting, including information on how humans see and process light, key wellness benefits, and more. See her in action at a recent Azione Unlimited conference:
Savant’s new IP Video Tiling is available now.
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